Progress Trackers

Not all of Levar's campaign promises were policy based. Some of his promises were around his engagement and visibility within the city. These trackers measure his completion percentage and counts of a few metrics he committed to.

Schools Visited in 2017

Levar Stoney committed to visit every Richmond City School at least once per year. RPS consists of 25 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 7 high schools, and 15 specialty schools. This tracker measures the percentage of schools he has visited this year.

Schools Visited 13.21%

District Office Hours Held in 2017

Levar Stoney committed to hold quarterly office hours in all nine districts.

Meetings Held Q1 0%
Meetings Held Q2 0%
Meetings Held Q3 0%
Meetings Held Q4 0%

Attendance Trackers

Levar Stoney committed during his campaign to attend City Council Meetings and Visit the General Assembly. While he did not make a commitment to attend School Board Meetings, he promised to collaborate with the Board.

Stoney Attendance Tracker