Who are we?

Campaign season brings a lot of promises and sometimes, elected officials leave a lot of broken promises in their wake. We are a division of RVA Dirt dedicated to holding Mayor Levar Stoney accountable.

Meet the #StoneyWatch Team


Jessee Perry

Accountability Enthusiast

Jessee lives in Northern Barton Heights near Battery Park. She loves local politics, travelling, having open dialogues, and cats. Jessee is a sales and recruiting manager for an insurance company.


Melissa Vaughn

Accountability Ethusiast

Melissa lives in North Highland Park with her husband, Emmett the Chug, 3 cats and 16 fish. She loves Northside and Richmond City politics so hard. Melissa also loves gardening, leggings, fluffy creatures, unicorns, old as hell houses, funk & soul music, art, sweet treats, TV, and pickle brine.


This Could Be You!

Future Accountability Enthusiast

You probably love local politics and are passionate about improving Richmond City. You probably live in Northside, East End, West End, Downtown, or Southside. Definitely one of those though. You have a great sense of humor and are not condescending.